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srt-live-server(SLS)-for Oupree Video Encoder

Oupree Video Encoder - Added support SLS for SRT. Introduction srt-live-server(SLS) is an open source live streaming server for low latency based on Secure Reliable Tranport(SRT). Normally, the latency of transport by SLS is less than 1 sec...

2020-08-25See details>>

What is Quality-Defined Variable Bitrate (QVBR)?

What is Quality-Defined Variable Bitrate (QVBR)? To address the shortcomings of traditional Constant Bitrate (CBR) and Variable Bitrate (VBR) rate control modes, AWS Elemental created Quality-Defined Variable Bitrate, or QVBR, a content-con...

2020-08-11See details>>

Video Encoder Settings for MJPEG (MJPG)

Oupree Video Encoder supports MJPEG/JPEG codec, Motion JPEG or MJPEG (MJPG) is a video format in which video frames are compressed individually as JPEG images. The format is widely used by digital cameras, webcams, and other video recorders and is sup...

2020-08-06See details>>

OUPREE Video Encoder & Decoder SRT settings

SRT Video Encoder,SRT Video Decoder...

2020-08-06See details>>

Troubleshooting HDMI Encoder Stream Sound Issues (Windows)

Fix HDMI Encoder Stream without Audio,HDMI Encoder Stream Sound Issues ...

2020-08-06See details>>

SRT supported by OUPREE video encoder & decoder

SRT supported video encoder & decoder...

2020-08-06See details>>

New Function Supported - RTMPS for OUPREE Video Encoder

RTMPS for OUPREE Video Encoder, RTMPS stream to Facebook Live Video Encoder...

2020-08-06See details>>

How to set Keyframe frequency/I-Frame(keyframe)?Interval (S) for YouTube & Facebook Live by Oupr

Oupree Video Encoder Settings for I-Frame-keyframe-Interval (S) - YouTube or Facebook Live. What Is A Keyframe? The keyframe (i-frame) is the full frame of the image in a video. Subsequent frames, the delta frames, only contain the......

2020-08-13See details>>
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