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srt-live-server(SLS)-for Oupree Video Encoder

Oupree Video Encoder - Added support SLS for SRT.


srt-live-server(SLS) is an open source live streaming server for low latency based on Secure Reliable Tranport(SRT). Normally, the latency of transport by SLS is less than 1 second in internet.


please install the SRT first, refer to SRT(https://github.com/Haivision/srt) for system enviroment. SLS can only run on OS based on linux, such as mac, centos or ubuntu etc.

Source: https://github.com/Edward-Wu/srt-live-server


Put the following url to send to your docker container: srt://your.server.ip:1935?streamid=input/live/yourstreamname

Oupree Video Encoder SLS for SRT.jpg

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