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About Us
OUPREE Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional developer and manufacturer of Audio Video processing products. Our HD video encoders & Video Capture device are widely deployed around the world for IPTV, Online Live Broadcast, NVR, Recording System / Software, Digital Signage, Hotel TV system, etc,.

Since our establishment, OUPREE has aimed to become a professional supplier of video products and application technology.OUPREE built outstanding channels of sales strategies, perfect "Pre-sales" and "After-sales" service system and network, and won us a great reputation in Audio & Video industry...
News And Events
How to Stream live on YouTube Facebook by Oupree Video Encoder?
How to live on YouTube Video Encoder, Facebook Video Encoder...
How to set Keyframe frequency/I-Frame(keyframe)?Interval (S) for YouTube & F
Oupree Video Encoder Settings for I-Frame-keyframe-Interval (S) - YouTube or Facebook Live. What Is A Keyframe? The keyframe (i-frame) is the full frame of the image in a video. Subsequent frames, the ...
Video Encoder Settings for MJPEG (MJPG)
Oupree Video Encoder supports MJPEG/JPEG codec, Motion JPEG or MJPEG (MJPG) is a video format in which video frames are compressed individually as JPEG images. The format is widely used by digital came...
srt-live-server(SLS)-for Oupree Video Encoder
Oupree Video Encoder - Added support SLS for SRT. Introduction srt-live-server(SLS) is an open source live streaming server for low latency based on Secure Reliable Tranport(SRT). Normally, the latency...
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